LYC Sailing Burgee.  Our collection of burgees is on display throughout the club.
LYC Burgee
BURGEE (bur-jee): triangular or swallowtail-shaped identification flag, as flown by
yacht clubs (definition from Random House Collegiate Dictionary).

According to the LYC By-laws, section III:

The Club Burgee shall bear a silhouette of the former Cape Henlopen Lighthouse in
white, with a red beam showing between the lens and the hoist, a white beam showing
from the lens to the tip; all against a background of blue. The letter “L” is to be shown
approximately half way between the lighthouse and the tip of the burgee in blue on the
white beam. The lighthouse on a 10 x 15 inch burgee shall be about 2 ½ inches from
the hoist. Larger sized burgees shall follow the same proportionate dimensions. The
burgee shape shall be three sided.

Our Burgee Collection
Our collection of burgees has increased dramatically during the last few years with
domestic as well as international burgees.  This collection can be viewed throughout
the club facilities. The entry foyer is designated as “The International Burgee Gallery”
and all new regional pennants are placed directly into the active collection.

For a complete
 LYC Burgee Lists please click on this link.

Members who travel, please remember to look for new burgees to add to our
collection. It can be an enjoyable experience.  There is an unwritten understanding
that we (LYC) will exchange "one-of-ours-for-one-of-yours."  Burgees for "trading" can
be obtained from our Burgeemeisters. Many of our  acquisitions have been purchased
from other Yacht Clubs and donated to our club by LYC members.

When you receive a new burgee, please contact the Burgeemeisters for display and

The Lewes Yacht Club is a member of the
Yachting Club of America which allows
reciprocity between member yacht clubs.

Happy Burgee hunting!
Your LYC Burgeemeisters, Joan and Bill Reader
Roosevelt Inlet Coordinates:  38 47.94 N, 75 09.29 W.

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